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Design principals

The Design principals for Södra is indicative of the design that we develop in different contexts. Consider them as guardrails, which we should keep within when we develop new solutions.

We divide the design principles into three main areas:


Less is more

Each view and surface must have a clear target group, a clear target and one clear main message. Prioritize the content. Don't be afraid to clear away everything that is not necessary to achieve the real purpose.

Gradually increase complexity

Don't show all the functionality and content at the same time if it isn't needed. Rather focus on one thing at a time and guide the user further for more advanced functionality and content.


Meet the person

Our users should feel welcomed and seen in our services. Use a personal speech in communication and remember previous choices and information provided by the user.

Invite to dialogue

Maintain relationships with our colleagues, members, customers and partners by providing clear contact areas, contact persons and communication channels.


Works on all different devices

Our services can be used on almost all types of devices, everything from smart phones to smart TVs. The starting point is mobile-first but adapted to the situation.

Based on context

Customize content and functionality to the context that the user is in. Highlight, add or remove information depending on the situation.

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