Unity 2
Technical documentation
Current version: 2.3.4
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We use Bootstrap utilities complemented with our own:
.u-tiny Tiny text
.u-bold Bold text
.u-bold Bold text
.u-italic Italic text
Colors (Se colors for color index reference)
.u-background-color-{color} Sets background color
.u-color-{color} Sets text color
.u-{color} Sets background color and coresponding text color
.u-clear Clears float
.u-float-right Float right
.u-float-left Float left
.u-is-bottom Position absolute and in bottom
.u-no-padding No padding
.border-bottom Black border bottom - 2px (standard)
.border-bottom--sm Black border bottom - 1px
.border-bottom--md Black border bottom - 3px
.border-bottom--lg Black border bottom - 10px

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